Dr Shoaib recommends an annual, routine exam for maintaining healthy eyes and good vision. Problems may be present without any symptoms, and these exams are meant to detect changes early.

We handle eyeglass prescriptions, contact lens prescriptions, red eyes, dry eyes, allergies, computer vision syndrome, glaucoma, cataracts and can help manage systemic diseases of the eye including diabetic retinopathy.  

Comprehensive & Routine       

Standard eye exams check visual function and eye health. This will determine the appropricate lens power needed to compensate for any refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism).                            

Comprehensive eye exams include eye health check up and dialation to check the retina.


Our retinal camera, Optos can take a picture of the inside of eyes eliminating the need for any drops and blurried vision from a traditional dilated exam.


Problem focused medical exam, tailored to the patient's needs. If your eyes are itchy, red, irratated, dry or if you need immediate attention, Dr Shoaib can help. 

Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluations check the visual function of a contact lens on your eyes. We offer many options. Daily, Sphere, Toric, Multifocal, RPG. Only FDA approved contact lenses are available at Sunny Eye Shop. 

Frame Adjustments and Servicing

All of our frames come with a one year manufactures warranty and free lifetime adjustments. Rest assured we want you to be happy with your eyeglasses!  

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